Tomorrow: Episodes 13-14


Tomorrow: Episodes 13-14

It is right here, people! The backstory we’ve been waiting for: the sad truth, the tragic events, and the story behind the red thread of fate that as soon as bound our two reapers.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is the moment we’ve been waiting for: the ultra tragic backstory of Ryeon and Joong-gil. But, prior to we get there, we take a 1-episode turn by way of some actual-life tragic history. That of the “comfort women” — Korean girls forced into sexual slavery for the advantage of Japanese Imperial soldiers through WWII.

By now we know it is incredibly like Tomorrow to pull us deep into an episode-extended story of anguish, but at this point in the story — Episode 13, our comfort girls story — it appears a tiny out of left field. But hold on, simply because it is not. Every thing comes complete circle.

We dig into the story of the comfort girls not from 1 of the girls herself, but from a buddy of 1. She’s a grandma now, but in her youth she mistakenly sent her buddy to perform in a Japanese factory — which basically led to her becoming a comfort lady. Immediately after acquiring out, this poor grandma has been living in anguish the final couple of years, and is preparing to kill herself out of guilt.

Alternatively, although, her story is wrapped into two other women’s tales, and by way of it they all locate healing and closure — due to the fact that is the aim of our reapers, anyway. The grandma, YOO BOK-HUI (Kim Yong-lim) is connected to LEE JUNG-MOON (Kim Young-ok) by way of our reapers, and by way of her we discover the horrors the comfort girls endured. We also discover about the young buddy Bok-hui sent off: YOON-YI. She was the light of the other women’s lives, and even wound up saving them.

The story connections get a tiny bit wild right here — the young reaper assigned to gather Jung-moon turns out to be Yoon-yi, now reincarnated as a reaper. When she reveals herself to them in the present, each grandmas locate closure by way of embracing this young reaper, and at this point I’m just a further granny hiding tears behind her hankie.

But the connections do not cease there — early on, the Jade Emperor told Ryeon that this case was connected to Jun-woong’s previous life. He does not bear in mind it, of course, but he was a Korean fighter that helped save the escaped comfort girls so several decades ago. It cements what we believed we knew about Jun-woong’s character (is there a purer heart about?), and offers us the feeling that all the things is interconnected — stories, fates, lives.

It is with that feeling that we head into Episode 14, with Ryeon drinking her way miserably by way of the 1 day of the year that reapers get off: their death day. Ryeon’s harshness towards Jun-woong (and her one hundred% unfavorable power) tends to make him go to the Jade Emperor, who lastly intuits that he is prepared to hear Ryeon’s tale.

And so — lastly, immediately after fourteen episodes of waiting — we take a deep dive 400 years into the previous ideal into our tragic Joseon romance, and boy is it a doozy.

As anticipated, this story sucks you in with the energy of a Dyson vacuum. Not only have we been waiting so extended, but we’ve noticed so several glimpses that it is all the additional meaningful when it lastly comes with each other.

Ryeon was a young noblewoman with a type heart who met a fellow nobleman — at very first haughty, but rapidly turned into an honorable man who adored her. Their story rapidly follows their youthful romance, and fate genuinely meant them to be with each other, simply because they have been every single other’s betrothed with no even realizing it (squee!).

The pair is quickly married, and we see the eye shadow moment and the wedding procession once more, and then catch up with the couple later (now as our key actors), happily married and frankly, rather adorable.

But it is negative occasions in Joseon, and the nation is attacked by invading barbarians. Joong-gil is a military leader at this point and goes off to fight and safeguard the nation, even though Ryeon stays behind, sooner or later fending off an attack ideal in their village.

Ryeon is as brave and badass as we know her to be in the present, saving her servants and proving her talent with a bow. But, sooner or later, the girls are rounded up and taken as prisoners by the barbarians, and they leave Joseon behind.

But Ryeon has fight — and expertise — and sooner or later poisons their captors and leads a massive group of lady back to Joseon… only to be treated worse than dirt. Joong-gil returns and swoops in like the hero he is (eek!), but his influence alone is not sufficient to transform the terrible course of fate. And here’s exactly where we get the parallels to the comfort girls — a group of survivors reviled upon their return, alternatively of rejoiced more than, as they should really be.

The story moves rapidly, but we see how the hate and ridicule gradually breaks down Ryeon’s spirit. Men and women are merciless — from the men and women in the village to the mother-in-law who despises her. Ryeon’s beloved servant and buddy even covers her physique with her personal even though the two are stoned the servant dies safeguarding her.

Joong-gil is desperate to save his wife from her anguish and “punish” the men and women that spread false rumors about her, but this is the final straw for Ryeon, who does not want to be his undoing.

In the finish, Ryeon sees no way out but by way of death (and her mother-in-law does not make it incredibly difficult for her as she prods her along, evil wench!).

Even though Joong-gil tries to get by way of to Ryeon (that passionate fight in between them that we’ve noticed snippets of), sooner or later she decides to take her personal life. It is so super tragic, only created worse when we see Joong-gil’s anguished sobs more than his wife’s physique.

Ugh, I was expecting a thing of this tragic magnitude, but it is so a lot worse when we see it play out — and even additional so simply because we know that the bond in between Ryeon and Joong-gil was forever severed by her act. *Sob*

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