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Group What we’re watching

So, what are we all watching this week?

What kept you reaching for extra (or agonizing when there was no extra), and what created you want to throw your remote by way of the screen? Time to weigh in…



At the moment covering: Tomorrow, Really like All Play

My Liberation Notes: My favourite component of our most current episodes was Gu’s complete point about the city versus the nation and the musings about instinct. This bit of writing was incredible (uh, like all of it) and I loved the dichotomy it sets up: in the countryside, living so close to the land and nature keeps life and death raw in the city, all the noise and hubbub drowns all that out, and everybody becomes numb. And we see that acted out appropriate in front of us when we examine Mi-jung and her co-workers. The drama is so deft at all these cool layers, no matter whether they’re about the person feelings of characters, or about how we reside life and see life extra broadly. I could watch this drama on repeat and likely normally discover new items to assume about.

Happiness: Guys, I whipped by way of this show more rapidly than I believed probable! I haven’t binged that considerably in a whilst. And wow, I loved it! The drama’s chill pace and powerful characters helped me get by way of the creepy/scary sections, and I genuinely liked the old college suspense really feel the drama packed in by means of setting and its tight cast of characters. I loved how it was directed, and the soundtrack was wonderful (and is presently on repeat), but yes, it is our two leads that created the complete point fly. Superb casting, fantastic chemistry, and they’ve generally turn into my favourite duo I’ve observed in a extended time. Bravo!

Shooting Stars: I’ve stopped expecting this to have an actual plot, and I’m just enjoying all the silly and great exciting. Everyone’s getting exciting acting, and I’m getting exciting watching. Occasionally that is sufficient.



At the moment covering: Showtime Starts!, Red Heart

Once more My Life: I look to be stuck on this a single. I want to continue watching it, but when I have the time I normally discover myself reaching for a thing else as an alternative.

The Sound of Magic: I’m two episodes in, and I’m in adore! I was genuinely hoping this would be great, simply because I adore Ji Chang-wook and I adore musicals, and so far it is living up to or possibly even exceeding my hopes. I wasn’t expecting it to be rather this heavy, topic-matter-smart, but that is not necessarily a complaint.



At the moment covering: Once more My Life, Woori the Virgin

Showtime Starts!: This drama just tends to make me so delighted — when dogs are not dying, of course — but most of my adore is reserved for the ghosts. The guidelines and limitations of what they can and can not do is a bit murky/inconsistent, but I do not care. I am right here for the silliness, and I’m as well entertained to query the logic behind any of it. I also appreciate the way the story has been steadily displaying Seul-hae’s affection for Hee-soo shifting to Cha-woong.

Shooting Stars: I’m nevertheless not one hundred% sold on our OTP, but I am expanding extra interested in them as a couple the extra we study about their shared history, specifically now that we know they had been by no means a campus couple. Tae-sung paying for their college’s ad to be pulled was fairly darn endearing, and I appreciate that the difficult line Han-byeol has drawn involving them stems from an unrequited crush she applied to have on Tae-sung.

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