Film Review: Shinjuku Swan II (2017) by Sion Sono

Following the achievement of the original, Sion Sono also headed the sequel, after much more basing his film on Ken Wakui’s manga. Even though the flamboyance and intense action is nonetheless right here, there is a transform towards the most dramatic this time, anything that undoubtedly positive aspects the film.

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The story starts one particular year immediately after the death of Hideyoshi, with Burst obtaining to deal with intense monetary difficulties, given that they have currently recruited virtually each and every girl they could in Shinjuku. To prevent downsizing in scouter personnel, they alternatively make a decision to expand to Yokohama, exactly where the All Japan Liquor Merchants Association announces plans to open a new gentleman&#8217s club. To commence the expansion, boss Yamashiro picks Seki and Tatsuhiko. The former nonetheless, is essentially a Yokohama native who after took the fall for a murder rap for his buddy Taki and has avoided Yokohama for 12 years for this goal. In the meantime, Taki has turn into really highly effective and is the CEO of the Wizard scouting agency, who are also searching for to recruit girls for the opening of the new gentleman&#8217s club. Expectedly, he perceives the move of Burst an act of war, and with the aid from a regional policeman who is on his payroll, Sunako, the head of the All Japan Liquor Merchants Association Sumitomo and President Tasaka of the Monbu Yakuza group, not only does he present fierce resistance, but also moves into Shinjuku in order to take Burst’s company there. As the battle goes on much more and much more fiercely, the Association decides to hold a beauty pageant in Yokohama, exactly where girls from each Wizard and Burst are to participate, with the competitors quickly taking the type of a bet among the two agencies.&nbsp

Regardless of the evident crowd-pleasing aesthetics of the film, with the casting, the intense violence, the absurd characters, the slapstick comedy and the ultra colorful settings, Sion Sono has managed to induce the film with considerably drama, as considerably as a noir/crime essence, as exhibited in the dark streets of Yokohama. Concerning the drama, the major medium right here is the connection of the former blood brothers Seki and Taki, and the strategies they have discovered to cope with it, as considerably as the inevitable clash among them, which essentially requires spot on two levels, each individual and experienced. This aspect positive aspects the most from the acting, with Motoki Fukami as Seki and Tadanobu Asano as Taki providing impressive performances, basically stealing the show from Go Ayano’s Tatsuhiko, in an element that undoubtedly positive aspects the film in the finish. Lastly, a quantity of secondary arcs involving drugs and exploitation of men and women also move towards the similar path.&nbsp

At the similar time, the social commentary is much more intense than the initially film, with Sono wisely deciding on not to concentrate so considerably on the idea of the scout, given that it was explored really completely in the prior entry. Alternatively, the connection of yakuza, significant corporations, the police and the prositution rings requires center stage right here, with especially the comment on the “codependence” of liquor providers and&nbsp hostess clubs becoming really pointy in its presentation. Also of note is the reality that this time a female scout is incorporated and the sleaziness element is really toned down, with the female exploitation “element” becoming mainly restricted to the basically socially acceptable beauty pageant arc.

Of course, the aforementioned do not imply that the concentrate in action is especially toned down, with the a lot of and really violent scenes nonetheless taking a rather massive element of the narrative, highlighting each Kenji Tanigaki’s action path, and the all round superb job completed in the editing. The reality that virtually every person gets his share of beating right here also functions for the advantage of the film, as the outcome of the fights is by no implies predefined. Lastly, that most of the fighting is completed by males in costumes adds to the all round audiovisual extravaganza right here.&nbsp

Granted, the a lot of episodes and characters right here sometimes lead to no ending narrative labyrinths and “Shinjuku Swan II” may well not be as entertaining as the initially one particular, but is undoubtedly a greater film all round with the context and the drama functioning in its favor, all the whilst highlighting Sion Sono’s directorial skills.&nbsp



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