Love All Play: Episodes 7-8


Appreciate All Play: Episodes 7-eight

Our lovebirds do their greatest and train their hardest, but that does not imply there are not challenges about just about every corner. When 1 particular person learns about the previous accident and the connection they share, the other is blissfully ignorant — till it all threatens to start off crashing down.


Fortunately, we open with cuteness, and we’ll want it to sustain us as we hit (or start off to hit) the rocky components of our story. But 1st, Tae-yang tends to make Tae-joon some porridge, and he gobbles it up as the rest of the group arrives and spoils their private moment. And by that I imply he scarfs it down like a wildebeest, and then actually dives out of her window to escape the team’s notice. Ah, I really like these two.

Now that every person is recovered from their meals poisoning, the coach has no mercy as they do endless rounds against the national group, and every person is desperate to be chosen to start off in the subsequent tournament. Each our Park twins play like beasts, but Coach Lee has Tae-yang sit it out for the tournament, though Tae-joon is chosen.

Tae-yang requires it like a champ, but she’s feeling down, and requires Tae-joon to the small seaside sashimi joint exactly where she worked though flying below the radar for the final 3 years. Her old boss is a delight (cameo by Jin Sun-kyu) and it is some good bonding time for our couple.

Tae-yang reminisces on her self-exile and all the discomfort involved with it, and tells Tae-joon the entire story. She does not have to name names for him to be in a position to piece collectively not only that she’s speaking about his older sister Joon-young, but for him to get the accurate story that he’d in no way heard just before. Right here he proves his worth, and comforts Tae-yang with out any blame or accusation. But it does alter issues for Tae-joon in a way, and we see the fruit of that in the following episode.

It is not as if the truth of Tae-yang and Joon-young’s involvement straight changed his feelings, but there’s one thing that shifts in his demeanor. We see fewer melty smiles (cruel drama gods!), and see an angrier a lot more standoffish Tae-joon, and I do not truly really like it.

Most of his ire is towards Jung-hwan, and they butt heads at just about every turn, now even a lot more loaded mainly because Tae-joon realizes the supply of Jung-hwan’s anger and hatred towards Tae-yang. He even purposefully provokes Jung-hwan, chewing him out that what occurred was in between the two girls and is none of his business enterprise.

Their anger comes out, also, on the court, when the two are paired in the subsequent tournament. To Tae-joon’s absolute disgust, Coach Lee tells him that he’s only there to help Jung-hwan and to let him lead. Definitely, he’s got as well considerably skin in the game at this point to let that take place, and the two are at each and every other’s throats. (Sigh, I miss the sportsmanship and teamwork of the Park twins playing doubles.)

We do not specifically see inside Tae-joon’s heart, but we can really feel his aggravation and upsetness clear as day. He tells Tae-yang how considerably he does not want to see her struggle and punish herself more than the previous, and but no matter what they do, it keeps circling back. If it is not by way of Jung-hwan, it is when Tae-joon realizes that Tae-yang has been delivering meals baskets to his parents dutifully just about every month. And if it is not that, then it is the moment we’ve all been anticipating: the (dreaded) return of Joon-young.

Confident adequate, her return acts as our cliffhanger, and the drama knows just how to reduce by way of a light and satisfied moment and leave it lifeless on the floor. Tae-joon has just worked by way of his feelings, on and off the court, and won a large game with Jung-hwan as an actual teammate. He appears his light-hearted self once again, and sets up a tryst with Tae-yang. They’re each bounding by way of the occasion hall to meet each and every other and celebrate the win when a third celebration seems in between them – actually and figuratively: Park Joon-young, with tears in her eyes and a lengthy stare for Tae-yang, also tearing up.

I totally except all the angst to hit subsequent week, and for two causes. We’ve noticed that Tae-joon is not shaken by the connection and at the finish of the episode he says that he’s not providing up on his dreams or Tae-yang – so it is not him I’m worried about. It is Tae-yang. She’s currently established her tendency towards martyrdom, and I can just see her flying towards round two when she feels like she’s wronged that household in even a lot more approaches.

The second cause I’m nervous is the reality that Park Ji-hyun has not but played an really good character. At all. So though her filmography shouldn’t be generating me anticipate the worst, it type of is. I’m dreading the discomfort though simultaneously hoping that the drama keeps sprinkling its cute fairy dust about alternatively.

Mainly because the Park twins are not the only couple that is about to get shaken up — Yoo-min has just barely managed to safe Jung-hwan’s interest. Her squees — and his altering heart — are also in for rude awakening when Joon-young tends to make a wider entrance back in the story. And that is 1 as well a lot of broken hearts for the likes of me.

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