Why Her?

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Title: 왜 오수재인가 / Why Her?
Often known as: Why Oh Soo Jae?
Style: Thriller, Melodrama, Romance
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast community: SBS
Broadcast interval: 2022-June-03 to 2022-July-23
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:00


Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin) is a gifted lawyer and the youngest associate at TK Legislation Agency, one of the best legislation agency in South Korea. Oh Soo Jae is pushed by her want to win circumstances and in addition her self-righteous ideas. She has lived her life to attain success, however she will get concerned in an surprising case and he or she will get demoted to work as an adjunct professor at a legislation faculty. On the legislation faculty, Oh Soo Jae meets Gong Chan (Hwang In Yup). He’s a scholar there. Gong Chan has skilled a painful previous, however he nonetheless has a heat coronary heart. He falls in love with Oh Soo Jae and he would do something for her. In the meantime, Choi Tae Kook (Heo Joon Ho) is the chairman of TK Legislation Agency. He would do something to fulfill his needs, even when it’s unlawful or immoral.


Predominant Forged

Seo Hyun Jin as Oh Soo Jae
Hwang In Yup as Gong Chan
– Lee Eugene (이유진) as Gong Chan (younger)

TK legislation agency

Heo Joon Ho as Choi Tae Kook
Jeon Jin Ki as Ha Il Goo
Lee Kyung Young as Han Seong Bum
Lee Joo Woo as Tune Mi Rim
Ji Seung Hyun as Choi Joo Wan
Park Shin Woo as Han Dong Oh

Seojung College Legislation faculty college and college students

Kim Chang Wan as Baek Jin Ki
Bae In Hyuk as Choi Yoon Sang
Ji Joo Yun as Jung Hee Yeong
Lee Jin Hyuk as Nam Chun Poong
Son Ji Hyun as Na Se Ryun
Kim Ji Hwi as Park Jo Gyo
Kim Jae Hwa as Jo Kang Ha


Lee Kyu Sung as So Hyung Chil
Bae Hae Sun as Ji Quickly Okay
Cha Chung Hwa as Chae Joon Hee
Choi Young Joon as Yoon Se Pil
Kim Joong Don as Do Jin Myung
Website positioning Jin Received (서진원) as Kim Sang Man
Jo Dal Hwan as Goo Goo Hole

Manufacturing Credit

Manufacturing Firms: Studio S, VO Media
Director: Park Soo Jin
Screenwriter: Kim Ji Eun

Episode Scores

    Nationwide Seoul Nationwide Seoul
2022-06-03 1        
2022-06-04 2        
2022-06-10 3        
2022-06-11 4        
2022-06-17 5        
2022-06-18 6        
2022-06-24 7        
2022-06-25 8        
2022-07-01 9        
2022-07-02 10        
2022-07-08 11        
2022-07-09 12        
2022-07-15 13        
2022-07-16 14        
2022-07-22 15        
2022-07-23 16        

Sources: TNmS Media Korea & AGB Nielsen Korea

Associated Photograph

(Other Photo from Official Site)

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Trailer I

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