Udine Far East Film Festival (FEFF24) Reveals the Full Line-Up of its Augmented 24th Edition

2022 brings Far East Movie again to its historic dimension. The FEFF is as soon as once more what it has at all times been since 1999, however it additionally carries the imprint of all the newest adjustments: it’s an augmented pageant, extra inclusive, and much more curious. If within the final two years Far East Movie was compelled to reinventing itself and assessment its components with totally different parameters, these previous couple of months have generated a sudden and fantastic acceleration: a wave of recent power, an important frenzy which has formed the twenty-fourth version.

The Teatro Nuovo “Giovanni da Udine” with its 1200 seats will firmly resume its function as headquarters and it will likely be joined by the Visionary, an outpost of the particular sections and retrospectives. The 2022 choice will embrace a complete of 72 titles of which 42 in competitors (13 world premieres, 18 worldwide, 11 European and 13 Italian). 15 nations might be represented (together with an Italy-China co-production), the variety of feminine administrators rises to 12 (of which 8 within the aggressive part). 28 titles of the line-up might be out there on the platform managed by MYmovies all through the length of the FEFF with the only exception of 4 movies which might be proven on-line as soon as and solely at a selected time: Popran, the surreal comedy by Japanese director Ueda Shinichiro (bear in mind the One Reduce Of The Useless?), The Korean gangster film Tomb of the River, the Filipino revelation movie Leonor Will By no means Die and the restored traditional Manila by Evening.

The legendary artist Takeshi Kitano will obtain the Golden Mulberry to the profession and can make the hearts of the general public fly! The pageant will display screen two cult: Sonatine and Battle Royale. The gorgeous Hong Kong diva Stephy Tang will accompany on the stage the movies Twelve Days, an acute reflection on up to date romanticism, and Desk for Six.

Listed below are all of the 72 titles (the titles included within the on-line choice are additionally indicated):

Hello, Mother, by JIA Ling, mamma mia time-travelling, China 2021, European Premiere *
I Am What I Am, by SUN Haipeng, animated motion with lion dance, China 2021, European Premiere
The Italian Recipe, by HOU Zuxin, “Roman Vacation” with Chinese language flavors, China/It/Ger 2022, World Premiere*
Manchurian Tiger, by GENG Jun, black comedy, China 2022, Worldwide Premiere – ONLINE ITALY ONLY
Good View, by WEN Muye, postneorealism and China dream drama, China 2022, Worldwide Premiere
Return to Mud, by LI Ruijun, rural love story, China 2022, Italian Premiere
Too Cool to Kill, by XING Wenxiong, “F for pretend, A for appearing”, China 2022, Worldwide Competition Premiere – ONLINE ITALY ONLY*

Caught in Time, by LAU Ho-leung, cop chases robber, HK/Mainland China 2021, Italian Premiere – ONLINE ITALY ONLY
Far Far Away, by Amos WHY, metropolitan HK love connections, HK 2021, European Premiere
The First Lady I Beloved, by Sweet NG, YEUNG Chiu-hoi, girlhood love drama, HK 2021, Italian Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE (EXCEPT ASIA)*
Legendary in Motion!, by Justin CHEUNG, LI Ho, inconceivable wuxia hero, HK 2022, World Premiere *
Schemes in Antiques, by Derek KWOK, twisted adventure-mystery blockbuster, HK/ Mainland China 2021, Worldwide Competition Premiere – ONLINE ITALY ONLY
Desk for Six, by Sunny CHAN, household reunion with a bang, HK 2022, World Premiere*
Tales from the Occult, by Fruit CHAN, FUNG Chih-chiang, Wesley HOI, rekindling HK horror, HK 2022, European Premiere
Twelve Days, by Aubrey LAM, Is there pleasure in marriage?, HK 2021, Worldwide Premiere*

Twelve Days

Simply Remembering
, by MATSUI Daigo, “Evening on Earth” in Tokyo, Japan 2021, European Premiere
Love Nonetheless, by JOJO Hideo, love in modern-day Japan, Japan 2022, Worldwide Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE*
Lacking, by KATAYAMA Shinzo, serial killer thriller + black comedian vibe, Japan 2021, European Premiere
My Small Land, by KAWAWADA Emma, “gaijin” youth drama, Japan 2022, Italian Premiere*
Noise, by HIROKI Ryuichi, crime within the island of figs, Japan 2022, Worldwide Competition Premiere – ONLINE EUROPE ONLY*
One Day, You Will Attain the Sea, by NAKAGAWA Ryutaro, intense drama about loss, Japan 2022, Worldwide Premiere – ONLINE ITALY ONLY
Popran, by UEDA Shinichiro, “personal components”– lacking panic comedy, Japan 2022, European Premiere – ONLINE ITALY ONLY [GALA]
What to Do with the Useless Kaiju?, by MIKI Satoshi, kaiju disposal and political satire, Japan 2022, European Premiere

The Assistant, by Adrian TEH, Dr Jekyll in KL underworld, Malaysia 2022, World Premiere
The Satan’s Deception, by Kabir BHATIA, the shadow of horror, Malaysia 2022, World Premiere

Leonor Will By no means Die, by Martika Ramirez ESCOBAR, a love letter to cinema, The Philippines 2022, Italian Premiere, – ONLINE ITALY ONLY [GALA] **
Rabid, by Erik MATTI, horror within the pandemic 12 months, The Philippines 2021, Worldwide Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE
Reroute, by Lawrence A. FAJARDO, deadly detour intercourse thriller, The Philippines 2022, Worldwide Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE


The House with Two Ladies, by KIM Se-in, the merciless intimacy of household, South Korea 2021, Italian Premiere**
Confession, by YOON Jong-seok, a secret inside a thriller, South Korea 2022, Italian Premiere*
Hostage: Lacking Superstar, PIL Gam-sung, art-imitating-life thriller, South Korea 2021, Italian Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE*
The Killer, by CHOI Jae-hoon, don’t make the hitman offended, South Korea 2022, World Premiere
Kingmaker, by BYUN Sung-hyun, the merciless recreation of politics, South Korea 2022, European Premiere – ONLINE ITALY ONLY
Miracle: Letters to the President, by LEE Jang-hoon, dreamy fairy story, South Korea 2021, Worldwide Competition Premiere
Maybe Love, by CHO Eun-ji, a comedy of tangled romance, South Korea 2021, Worldwide Competition Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE*
Particular Supply, by PARK Dae-min, a feminine “Child Driver” in Korea, South Korea 2022, Italian Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE
Thunderbird, by LEE Jae-won, an extended and determined evening, South Korea 2022, World Premiere*
Tomb of the River, by YOON Younger-bin, gangster conflict for resorts, South Korea 2021, Worldwide Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE [GALA] *

, by Kevin KO, people horror, Taiwan 2022, Worldwide Premiere
Mama Boy, by Arvin CHEN, the pet and the maitresse, Taiwan 2022, World Premiere

, by Surapong PLOENSANG, haunted portray horror story, Thailand 2022, Worldwide Competition Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE*
One for the Highway, by Baz POONPIRIYA, tremendous cool street film with reminiscences & cocktails, Thailand 2021, European Premiere – ONLINE ITALY ONLY*

Sunshine of My Life, by Judy CHU, heat social drama, HK 2022, World Premiere

Escape from Mogadishu, by RYOO Seung-wan, based-on-a true-story motion, South Korea 2021
INU-OH, by YUASA Masaaki, rock music animation, Japan 2021
On the Job: The Lacking 8, by Erik MATTI, political thriller, The Philippines 2021
Streetwise, by NA Jiazuo, misplaced souls symphony, China 2021
Terrorizers, by HO Wi-ding, ensemble portraits in trendy Taipei, Taiwan 2021
Yuni, by Kamila ANDINI, female freedom plea, Indonesia 2021 – ONLINE ITALY ONLY
White Constructing, by Kavich NEANG, our residence in demolition, Cambodia 2021 DOCUMENTARIES [5]
Citizen Okay, by Yves MONTMAYEUR, biopic, France 2021, Italian Competition Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE
Fanatic, by OH Seyeon, pop idol mania, South Korea 2021, Worldwide Premiere World Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE
Kim Jong-boon of Wangshimni, by KIM Jin-yeoul, avenue vendor bittersweet story, South Korea 2021, Worldwide Premiere – ONLINE EUROPE
Satoshi Kon: The Illusionist, by Pascal-Alex VINCENT, biopic, France/Japan 2021– ONLINE ITALY ONLY

White Constructing

Audition, by MIIKE Takashi, chilly sadistic fury story, Japan 1999/2022, World Competition Premiere
Battle Royale Director’s Reduce, by FUKASAKU Kinji, excessive homicide recreation, Japan 2000/2021, Italian Premiere
The Heroic Trio, by Johnnie TO, wild action-fantasy, HK 1993/2022, Italian Premiere
Executioners, by Johnnie TO, CHING Siu-tung, wild action-fantasy sequel, HK 1993/2022, European Premiere
Preliminary D, by Andrew LAU, Alan MAK, automobiles and racing breathtaking motion, HK 2005/2022, World Premiere
The Swordsman of All Swordsmen, by Joseph KUO, magnificent wuxia story, Taiwan 1968/2022, Worldwide Premiere
Pale Flower, by SHINODA Masahiro, nihilistic youth magnificence, Japan 1964/2022, Italian Premiere

Sonatine, by Takeshi KITANO, gangster epic, Japan 1993 Particular Sections

The Crimson Kimono, by Samuel FULLER, romance-noir-crime, US 1959
Bridge to the Solar, by Étienne PÉRIER, love story -drama, France 1961
Hiroshima Mon Amour, by Alain RESNAIS, French New Wave, France 1959
Yr of the Dragon, by Michael CIMINO, New York gangster noir, US 1985

Manila by Evening, by Ishmael BERNAL, drama, The Philippines 1980/ restored 2022, World Premiere – ONLINE WORLWIDE [GALA]
Manila within the Claws of Mild, by Lino BROCKA, melò, The Philippines 1975/ restored 2013
Metro Manila, by Sean ELLIS, social drama, UK/The Philippines 2013 – ONLINE ITALY ONLY
Slingshot, by Brillante MENDOZA, neo-realistic noir, The Philippines 2007– ONLINE WORLWIDE
Neomanila, by Mikhail RED, bleak portrait of a metropolis, The Philippines 2017 – ONLINE WORLWIDE

Extra information about tickets, on-line accreditations and dates, please go to FEFF official Website HERE



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