Film Review: New Kung Fu Cult Master Part 2 (2022) by Wong Jing and Keung Kwok Man

Earlier than she escapes together with her bodyguard in the course of the cliff hanging finish of Half 1, Princess Zhao Min (Janice Man) challenges Zhang Wu Ji (Raymond Lam) to go to Dodu if he desires to rescue the members of the Six Main Sects. Positive enoug,h this sequel kicks off with Zhang Wu Ji and fellow masters of the Ming Cult standing on a clifftop overlooking Dadu; he has certainly taken up Zhao Min’s recommendation and is travelling to the Capital to free these poor Cult members who’re being locked up within the Wan On pagoda.

The rescue mission is a hit because of Zhang utilizing his vitality energy to cushion these prisoners who soar from the burning pagoda however there are a couple of casualties. One among them is the merciless and shrewd Miejue (Jade Leung) chief of the Er Mei Cult, who manages to reveal the key of the legendary weapons to her disciple Zhao Zhi Rou (Sabrina Qiu) whereas making her the successor. In the meantime, as a consequence of her failure to cease Zhang, Zhao Min has her authority taken away by her father who then makes monk Chang Kun (Shi Yanneng) in command of the operation. However, the hunt for the Dragon Sabre continues as Zhang and the trio of women set sail for Ice Hearth Island. After a sequence of double-crossings and a kidnapping, they lastly uncover the key behind the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre.

With this sequel, the filmmakers have an immense activity of tidying up all of the free ends detailed within the authentic novel into one film and the end result appears rushed. The plot takes a critical flip and emphasizes primarily on the three girls and their causes for sticking round protagonist Zhang. Due to this, the opposite supporting characters are actually being pushed apart and develop into window dressing.

For a begin, indoctrinated by her late Grasp, the as soon as mild Zhao Zhi Rou now seems to be a really calculating power-hungry Er Mei Cult chief who harbors a darkish scheme. Nonetheless, Sabrina Qiu does a reasonably first rate job of portraying her modified character; sadly this twist occurs too swiftly to be completely convincing. Then again, Janice Man’s portraying of the playful Zhao Min flares a lot better this time round. In distinction, Yun Qian Qian performs a really quiet and restrained Xiao Zhao with a secret.

As written within the novel, Zhang Wu Ji is a younger grownup with nice martial arts abilities, however Raymond Lam doesn’t come throughout as energetic and agile whereas portraying him. Moreover, his relationship with every girl will get little or no consideration and, at instances, the manufacturing performs out like a tv film proper all the way down to the mushy romantic background music getting used.

Once more the closely CGI and wire assisted predominant motion sequences are a complete letdown and lack any emotional affect. Take the one which performs out on the Ice Hearth Island the place Zhang encounters three warriors. After he learns their preventing model, he makes two clones of himself to type a triangle which then spins round like a windmill. A basic case of failed particular results that don’t improve however make the motion look foolish as an alternative. Nevertheless, there may be one well-choreographed combat scene wherein Zhao Zhi Rou exhibits off her newly acquired “Chu Ying White Bone Claws” model which is simply too transient however nonetheless memorable.

Though Lam and his feminine leads play their elements fittingly effectively, this sequel undoubtedly suffers because of the lack of celebrity energy like Donnie Yen and Louis Koo from the primary film. Additionally, so far as wuxia yarn goes, there may be hardly any first rate or affect motion on show right here, most likely because of the restricted price range. However not less than we do get a watchable sequel regardless that it looks like it was rushed by way of. As a substitute of chopping corners, Wong and Keung most likely could be higher off aiming for a trilogy since there may be greater than sufficient materials in Jin Yong’s authentic intriguing and engrossing novel.



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