Retro Trailer: Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate (1957) by Yuzo Kawashima

Set in the previous few years of the shogun’s rule, this era/ensemble film depicts the lives of the younger and the stressed at a whorehouse. The protagonist is Saheiji, a resourceful, witty free spirit. It’s 1862, 6 years earlier than the Shogun turned his political energy over to the Emperor. Penniless Saheiji splashes out at a well-known Shinagawa whorehouse. He’s compelled to remain on on the whorehouse to repay his debt. At first, Saheiji is thought to be an unwelcome visitor who by no means leaves however it seems he isn’t just a poor grifter. Not one of the whorehouse’s company, hosts, servants, and attending girls are harmless however they’re pragmatic schemers. Saheiji quickly endears himself to all of them and solves many whorehouse disputes together with his wit. However it’s slowly revealed that the seemingly good Saheiji is affected by tuberculosis and his future is unsure…



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