Film Review: Spiritual Kung Fu (1978) by Lo Wei

Yi Lang is a martial arts scholar at a Shaolin Temple, whose shenanigans and laziness, nonetheless, have made his academics take into account him as one thing between a joker and a nuisance. One evening, throughout which he was supposed to face guard, an nameless masked thief manages to steal a guide from the library which teaches a forbidden, deadly kung fu approach, which ultimately leads to the palms of Lu Qing, who proceeds on besting a collection of kung fu masters. Yi Lang and the remainder of the monks who have been supposed to protect the guide are punished, however information about Lu Qing ultimately reaches the temple, because it falls to the fighters of the monastery to place an finish to his continuous path. A bit later, Yi Lang volunteers to protect a supposedly haunted a part of the library, however in the course of the evening, he discovers that the rumors are true. 5 red-haired ghosts seem, who’re really masters of a misplaced type often called 5 Fashion Fists. The younger man ultimately turns into their apprentice, and his skills quickly turn out to be so important that he manages to go a collection of exams in opposition to the academics of the monastery, and be promoted to the person who will battle Lu Qinq. A homicide contained in the premises of the monastery, of the chief of the Wu-Tang Clan, nonetheless, signifies that one thing extra is amiss.



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