Trailer: Skeleton General by Wu Chengfeng

One other historic fantasy action-adventure set through the Zhou Dynasty and that includes intrepid hero, Detective Dee. When the Governor of Yuzhou arranges a ghost marriage for his prematurely deceased son, the corpse of the bride all of the sudden turns right into a white skeleton and people slaughtered additionally eerily grow to be bones of the lifeless. A word referring to her dying leads a livid Empress Wu to order a wonderful professional, Yuchi Qing, to help the great Detective with the investigations. Detective Dee is suspicious of Li Zhen, a descendant of the Li household and the Duke of Yue. However Li Zhen additionally comes underneath assault and within the melee between Detective Dee and the skeletons, all of the victims merge into one large skeleton normal. For a case shrouded in thriller, can Detective Dee expose the wrongdoer to revive justice?

Directed by Wu Chengfeng and with a forged together with He Gang and Cen Ming, Skeleton Normal is now screening on iQiyi in China since January 17, 2022.



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