Retro Trailer: Space Runaway Ideon: Be Invoked (1982) by Yoshiyuki Tomino

For years, the crew of the Solo Ship has been at struggle, and on the run, from their enemies, the Buff Clan. The Solo Ship has a significant weapon at their disposal: a mysterious, supernatural robotic referred to as the Ideon. Nevertheless, the Buff Clan is engaged on their newest weapon: the Ganda Rowa, a strong warship that is perhaps much more highly effective than the Ideon. In the meantime, Karala, a member of the Solo crew and a former member of the Buff Clan, discovers that she is pregnant. She believes that this youngster, a messiah, might put an finish to the battle between the 2 factions. However a side-effect is that this youngster makes the Ideon extra highly effective, and so the struggle tragically escalates till the one factor a struggle causes – doom, demise, and destruction – are manifested.



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