Short Film Review: To Kill the Birds and the Bees (2021) by Calleen Koh

After a sensational pageant run with “Horny Sushi” (2020), Singapore-based animator Callen Koh returns together with her newest quick, “To Kill The Birds and the Bees.” Like “Horny Sushi,” Koh introduces the video with an explosion of lascivious imagery… although this time, intercourse has penalties. Kids reenact hypersexual music movies. A star pupil will get pregnant. A prudish Karen finds her metropolis in sin. Inside a slew of 2D animation, puppets, and three unique songs (all of that are irresistably catchy), the characters all come collectively below the identical roof of disgrace and repression. 

“To Kill the Birds and the Bees” assessment is a part of the Submit Your Movie Initiative

This surprisingly political commentary is alluring, however might be triggering to look at. Express references to abortion abound. A considerably satirical, considerably critical fetus is ready on fireplace. The top credit linger over an abundance of hangers, and a pc advertises a Google seek for “DIY abortions.” These overt references to termination are simply as borderline graphic as Koh’s explorations of the act of copulation. That is made much more jarring by Koh’s unrelenting juxtaposition between the pregnant teen’s panic and the upbeat music. Aggressively vibrant tones bluntly eludes to the darker facet of Singapore’s sanitized intercourse ed, evoking each delight and horror without delay. 

Like this, Koh makes an attempt to cram her heavily-coded symbolism to profit from her eleven minutes on-screen. Repeated allusions to birds and the bees grow to be redundant; the a number of iterations of phallic objects virtually tire the eyes. Therefore, whereas the messaging is efficient, it additionally comes off as somewhat too on the nostril. With just a few minutes to spare and none to waste, Koh’s lovemaking-laden design turns into virtually tiresome. Maybe, given extra time, Koh might experiment additional with extra nuanced expressions of intercourse.

General although, “To Kill the Birds and the Bees” is a outstanding piece for an undergraduate pupil to place collectively. Even together with her new political bent, Calleen Koh flaunts a consistency in type that revels in intercourse. Like her earlier work, Koh unveils a manic power that magically mishmashes collectively right into a single work – marking this yet one more outstanding movie in her promising profession.



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