Anime Review: Fist of the North Star (1986) by Toyoo Ashida

The late Nineteen Eighties had been a particular time within the historical past of Japanese animation, with many landmark sequence and movies making their debut in what proved to be a pivotal decade for the medium. One such property that flourished throughout this era was manga writer Buronson’s Fist of the North Star, which was first tailored for TV in 1984 earlier than Toei Animation produced a movie model in 1986. Helmed by “Vampire Hunter D” (1985) director Toyoo Ashida, the movie stays a extremely influential and outrageously entertaining anime function.

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Ken is the Fist of the North Star, or not less than he was till his former pal and present Fist of the South Star, Shin, stole his girlfriend, Yuria, and left him for lifeless. Now, one 12 months later, a extra highly effective Ken wanders the post-apocalyptic Earth, defending the weak whereas on the hunt for his misplaced love and vengeance in opposition to the one who took her. Nonetheless, Shin isn’t the one warrior Ken is destined to face, along with his jealous brothers, Jagi and Raoh, taking darker paths within the Fist of the North Star’s absence.

Like many comparable animated movies of the identical period, there’s a grit and realism to “Fist of the North Star’s” post-apocalyptic wasteland. A bleak color palette and harsh character designs give each scene a larger sense of realism. The wealthy environments are detailed and different of their look, with the monolithic towers of Raoh’s fortress contrasting with smaller settlements, one among which carefully resembles a city from the Wild West. Whereas the movie doesn’t bask in large-scale spectacle, you continue to get a way of the huge and harmful world that our characters roam. The movie is one other instance of the ever-enduring high quality of conventional cel animation.

One of many movie’s most notable parts is its over-the-top violence, a function that’s devoted to the manga however was dumbed down for the sequence. Fists fly, blood spurts and heads explode (so much) as our solid of mighty warriors dish out what they contemplate to be tough justice indiscriminately. Not solely does the violence replicate the longing for extra adult-oriented animation in the course of the Nineteen Eighties, it additionally emphasises the brutality of this post-apocalyptic world. There’s one thing extraordinarily cathartic about an anime that holds no bounds over its savagery and delivers the products when it comes to bloody motion. The violence additionally serves to make the narrative’s sudden decision way more poignant.

There’s an air of badassery hanging over “Fist of the North Star”, with Ashida having a knack for presenting bigger than life characters. Ken’s re-emergence after his supposed demise is spine-tingling in execution, because the true Fist of the North Star barges by way of a toppled skyscraper to come back to the help of the younger prophet, Lin. Each battle is gorgeously animated with a flourish of lighting quick strikes providing you with an actual sense of the godlike beings that these fighters are and the immense energy that they possess. The ultimate showdown is suitably extreme, with Ken and Raoh exchanging splendidly exaggerated blows. Maybe most significantly, the size of each battle is complimented by the real animosity and actually excessive stakes which were constructed up earlier than every bloody confrontation.

Nonetheless, “Fist of the North Star” is about a lot greater than smash ’em up battle scenes and energy fantasies. The underlying battle operating by way of the movie is one between hope and despair. Ken and his followers stroll the trail of the previous, selecting to consider that there’s nonetheless an opportunity for the world within the wake of all of the man-made carnage and destruction. This hope is embodied most clearly in Lin, whose lone, blooming flower serves as a continuing reminder of what might be. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, there’s Raoh and Shin, each of whom have little religion left in humanity and this new world, and have fallen right into a spiral of despair characterised by violence, energy, and management.

It’s this battle between hope and despair that elevates the climactic remaining battle to at least one that’s for mankind’s future, somewhat than simply being centred round a throwaway revenge plot. Actually, “Fist of the North Star” takes many dangers in the way in which that it resolves its main conflicts. Some battles which are established as vital, to start with, find yourself concluding in a milder method than anticipated, whereas new foes come up that show to be a far larger risk than first thought. This daring method doesn’t supply the gratifying and formulaic decision some viewers may pine for, however it does permit for much extra impactful narrative developments. Ken and Raoh’s showdown, particularly, could be very ballsy in its conclusion however finally succeeds due to the way it ties into the movie’s thematic throughline.

“Fist of the North Star” is an anime basic, not only for its wealthy, atmospheric world or its high-octane motion (and don’t overlook the memes). The place the movie endures as an epic of animation is in its grandiose narrative, the event of its characters, and its final message that, in instances of despair, hope triumphs.



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