The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2022 is back on the big screen!

What Lies Beneath – The Intricate Representations of a ‘Darkish Thoughts’ in Japanese Cinema

Human psychology could be very sophisticated. Our minds have many layers of feelings and emotions which fluctuate and rework from good to unhealthy relying on the circumstances we’re in. On the earth of Christianity, an ‘evil thoughts’ has been historically outlined by the seven lethal sins and, from wrath to envy and delight, these feelings and human behaviours have been categorized as one thing to be rejected.

But, such emotion is a part of our nature and, whether or not we understand it or not, it’s a high quality which all people possess to various levels. Paradoxically, these darkish feelings make life extra fascinating and supply an interesting supply of creativity as they usually add a scrumptious flavour to works of leisure. This is among the explanation why thrillers have been ever-popular in literature.

On the earth of cinema, crime movies usually derived from such darkness are a longtime style and, traditionally, in Japan many ‘crime and punishment’ movies, like Vengeance is Mine by IMAMURA Shohei, have been favoured by movie makers and launched to a lot success. Even when the movies don’t contact upon illegal conditions, the darkness which smoulders in our minds is sufficient inspiration to be made into movies that are appreciated as relatable by audiences. So, what constitutes an unfathomable ‘darkish thoughts’ lurking beneath the floor within the twenty first century? Wouldn’t it stagnate one’s life or change into a driving power? Would the definition of it now be extra numerous when the society we live in is extra sophisticated than earlier than? What sort of ‘darkish thoughts’ results in an fascinating cinematic story?

Holding the theme in thoughts and posing these questions, the nineteenth Japan Basis Touring Movie Programme will choose a number of the best movies launched in Japan From just lately launched modern works, to anime and uncommon classics, this programme goals to show how movies, seemingly completely different in tone and elegance, have the identical aspect operating via them and that each one finally deal in human darkness. With an assortment of tales about individuals from completely different walks of life, this programme will showcase the cinematic voices and abilities of each skilled and rising filmmakers and goals to cater to the numerous tastes of the UK audiences.

Spaghetti Code Love” 

Movie Line-up

Eternally Youthful Than These Idiots (Kimi wa eien ni soitsura yori wakai) – YOSHINO Ryohei, 2020, 118 min
Having numerous apprehensive emotions about her life, together with being a virgin on the age of twenty-two, but seemingly detached, Horigai (SAKUMA Yui) finds some solace within the bond she varieties with the reserved Inogi (Nao). Nevertheless, quickly her life will face a brand new part of unhappiness and violence.
First Love (Old flame) – TSUTSUMI Yukihiko, 2021, 119 min
A trendy psychological thriller revolving across the classes between a medical psychologist, Yuki (KITAGAWA Keiko), and a younger girl, Kanna (YOSHINE Kyoko), who stabbed her father to loss of life with out an obvious motive.
The Voice of Sin (Tsumi no koe) – DOI Nobuhiro, 2020, 142 min
An investigative journalist (OGURI Shun) on the hunt to unravel a chilly case of extortion courting again thirty years, meets a person (HOSHINO Gen) who has immediately come into possession of a cassette tape precisely like those used within the blackmail plot all these years in the past. Was he concerned?
Will I Be Single Ceaselessly? (Zutto dokushin de irutsumori) – FUKUDA Momoko, 2021, 94 min
Mami (TANAKA Minami) is a author in her thirties, who as soon as shot to fame for her essay glorifying singledom however has now begun to doubt if being single is what she desires. Three different ladies from completely different walks of life additionally come to crossroads of their very own… Will they every discover their very own happiness?
Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction (Damashie no kiba) – YOSHIDA Daihachi, 2020, 113 min
When the president of a writer large immediately dies, an influence wrestle ensues. Amid the disaster, Akira (OIZUMI Yo), the succesful editor of a failing tradition journal, makes an attempt to breathe new life into the publication. Nevertheless, these round him could have another concepts….
Tomorrow’s Dinner Desk (Asu no shokutaku) – ZEZE Takahisa, 2021, 124 min
Three moms unrelated to 1 one other are inexplicably related – all three of their sons share the identical identify, ISHIBASHI Yu. Every girl should grapple together with her personal emotions of anger and anxiousness in the direction of her respective baby which quickly bubble over…
Blue (BLUE) – YOSHIDA Keisuke, 2021, 107 min
Kazuki (HIGASHIDE Masahiro) appears to have every little thing. Superb success on the boxing ring and a shiny future in his love. Nobuto (MATSUYAMA Kenichi) and his disciple Tsuyoshi (EMOTO Tokio), nevertheless, wrestle out and in of the ring. Will the efforts and enthusiasm of all three males be sufficient to attain what they need?

Ora, Ora Be Goin’ Alone

Ora, Ora Be Goin’ Alone (Ora ora de hitori igumo) – OKITA Shuichi, 2020, 138 min
An aged housewife, Momoko (TANAKA Yuko), finds her hopes for peaceable twilight years together with her husband dashed at his sudden loss of life. In her enduring solitude, she begins listening to three ‘voices’ who try to brighten up her life.
Colorless (Sarugakucho de aimasho) – KOYAMA Takashi, 2019, 122 min
Shu (KANEKO Daichi), a fledgling photographer, finds his muse within the type of a younger mannequin, Yuka (ISHIKAWA Ruka). As his profession takes off, and he turns into romantically concerned with Yuka, he steadily begins to suspect that she isn’t all that he believed her to be.
The Lone Ume Tree (Ume kiranu baka) – WAJIMA Kotaro, 2021, 77 min
The lifetime of a middle-aged man with autism, Tadao (TSUKAJI Muga), goes via an surprising transition when his ageing single mom Tamako (KAGA Mariko) decides to ship him to a bunch dwelling within the hope that he can dwell independently. Nevertheless, the transfer isn’t freed from troubles.
THE CONFIDENCE MAN JP -The Film- (Confidence man JP Romance Hen) – TANAKA Akira, 2019, 116 min
A gang {of professional} con males set their sights on a legendary diamond mentioned to be within the possession of a ruthless Hong Kong mafia queen. Will their greatest laid plans for a grand heist be scuppered when different gamers unexpectedly enter the sport?
Life: Untitled (Title kyozetsu) – YAMADA Kana, 2019, 98 min
In a ramshackle workplace of considered one of Tokyo’s inconspicuous, low-rent escort providers, the lives of the decision ladies ready for his or her subsequent shopper intersect and are laid naked in all their day-to-day humdrum, with visits to native love lodges, and the inevitable rivalries and catfights.
Iwane: Sword of Serenity (Inemuri Iwane) – MOTOKI Katsuhide, 2019, 121 min
A tragic incident forces SAKAZAKI Iwane (MATSUZAKA Tori), a hitherto well-respected samurai admired for his sword-fighting abilities, to depart his city and his fiancée as he turns into a wandering ronin. Quickly after he picks up work as a bodyguard, he discovers a conspiracy is afoot and is decided to foil the plot.
Spaghetti Code Love (Spaghetti code love) – MARUYAMA Takeshi, 2021, 96 min
A contemporary and trendy story of fragile younger lives beneath the pressures of ambition, love, and basic existence, which weaves out and in of the views of its a number of flawed protagonists in a collection of vignettes.


Aristocrats (Anoko wa kizoku) – SODE Yukiko, 2021, 124 min
When the paths of Hanako (KADOWAKI Mugi) and Miki (MIZUHARA Kiko), who come from completely different social backgrounds, are set on a collision course over the affections of aristocratic lawyer Koichiro (KORA Kengo), each ladies realise that there could also be different paths out there to them.
Liar x Liar (Liar x liar) – YAKUMO Saiji, 2021, 117 min
Toru (MATSUMURA Hokuto) runs right into a disguised Minato (MORI Nana) and falls for her, unaware that she is admittedly his stepsister. However Minato doesn’t like him and pretends to be another person. How lengthy will Minato be capable to sustain the ruse?
Shrieking within the Rain (Ame ni sakebe ba) – UCHIDA Eiji, 2021, 102 min
On the set of a movie studio in the summertime of 1988 and attempting to understand her inventive imaginative and prescient with out compromises, first-time director Hanako (MATSUMOTO Marika) is besieged by issues from all sides as she approaches the capturing of the movie’s climatic love scene, which is heavy in eroticism.
The Sound of Grass (Kusa no hibiki) – SAITO Hisashi, 2021, 116 min
Affected by poor psychological well being and unable to proceed along with his work, Kazuo (HIGASHIDE Masahiro), returns to his hometown along with his spouse. Following the recommendation of his psychiatrist, he begins to jog each day as a part of his remedy. Throughout his new routine, he has uncommon encounters with native youngsters and steadily one thing begins to alter…
The Home of the Misplaced on the Cape (Misaki no Mayoiga) – KAWATSURA Shinya, 2021, 105 min
Separated from their households and having no place to go, two younger ladies, Yui (voiced by ASHIDA Mana) and Hiyori (voiced by AWANO Sari), are given the prospect to begin afresh by a kindly however unusual outdated woman who invitations them into her dwelling – a mayoiga (outdated Japanese folkloric idea).
The Hunter’s Diary (Ryojin nikki) – NAKAHIRA Ko, 1964, 123 min
Bother begins for misogynist and philanderer HONDA Ichiro (NAKAYA Noboru) when a string of ladies he has had sexual affairs with (particulars of which he meticulously recorded in his ‘hunter’s diary’) start to die in mysterious circumstances with Ichiro as the one suspect.

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