Film Review: Golden Swallow (1968) by Chang Cheh

“Golden Swallow” is, technically, a follow-up to King Hu’s 1996 gem “Come Drink With Me” wherein Chang Pei Pei performed Xie Ru Yan, nicknamed Golden Swallow. Two years later, Chang Cheh solid her within the titular film, which was named after her character, though Xiao Pang, the Silver Roc (Jimmy Wang Yu) is now the principle focus. Nonetheless, she nonetheless will get a justifiable share of display time and there’s even a love triangle amongst her, Xiao Pang and the righteous swordsman Han Tao.

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Poisoned by a dart throughout a fight initially of the film, Xie Ru Yan is fortunate to flee loss of life as Han Tao, the Golden Whip, involves her rescue and nurses her again to life in his mountain hideout and he even teaches her a number of swordplay strikes. Sooner or later, Han’s greatest buddy Flying Fox, Hu Zhen (Wu Ma) drops by and tells them {that a} ruthless swordsman is on a rampage killing bandits and evildoers alike, whereas leaving a golden swallow dart at every crime scene. Xie has a sense that Xiao Pang is the swordsman who commits the atrocities, simply to lure her out. Because it seems, they took a shine to one another whereas coaching on the similar martial arts college years in the past. However Pang, after secretly studying his trainer’s “flying leap” sword method, left to avenge his mother and father’ loss of life.

Realizing that Xie is raring to satisfy up with Pang and being protecting of her, Han leaves his hideout first, to confront Xiao, which ends up in Pang difficult him in a duel of loss of life. In the meantime, pondering that Xie the Golden Swallow is chargeable for all of the killing, the Golden Dragon Society groups up with different bandits to trace her down. Xie lastly meets up with Pang and Han however who’s she going to decide on? Furthermore, members of the Golden Dragon are closing in they usually need blood.

Filmed throughout the time when Chang Cheh was nonetheless evolving and experimenting, plus the added bonus of motion choreographed by Lau Kar Leung and Tang Chai, who additionally cameo, it is a very spectacular manufacturing certainly. Using overhead photographs and handheld camerawork additionally helps to create drama and stress, making the fights visually thrilling. Some indoor units are equally spectacular, particularly the one with a superbly created bamboo forest with a giant tomb that results in a gang’s hideout. Moreover, the out of doors location photographs of Japan take the manufacturing to a different visible stage. Nonetheless, the motion, although plentiful, will not be that fanciful, it principally consists of the swinging of swords. Alternatively, the physique rely is extremely astronomical and throughout the last struggle it will get much more violent and bloody.

Appearing smart, all of the three predominant leads shine of their respective roles and share great chemistry on display. After all being the highest billing star, Wang Yu will get the royal therapy; his Silver Roc is a brash, assured however a cold-blooded killing machine. Equally, Lo Lieh is equally efficient as the type and chivalrous hero who solely maims his enemies however he’ll kill when it’s completely obligatory. Sadly, there’s not a lot again story about him. Conversely, Chang Pei Pei’s Golden Swallow is a a lot totally different character all collectively; softer with emotional ache however actually not weak. Above all, she is now in turmoil, caught between two males of contrasting personalities. She longs for the rebellious nature of Xiao, who’s an immature and somewhat misplaced boy; conversely, Han is noble and simply. Nonetheless, she is a notable heroine with a stronger and extra mature outlook.

As ordinary, Wu Ma is pleasant as Hu Zhen, the Flying Fox, a cheerful go fortunate questioning swordsman and Han Tao’ ingesting companion. Ku Feng is one other stand out, taking part in the daddy of a boy accused of stealing from his wealthy neighbors who wish to take over their land. Elsewhere, one other Shaw Brothers veteran Yang Chih Ching seems as Poison Dragon, Wang Xiong and Chief of the Golden Dragon Society. All these roles are transient however memorable simply the identical.

Total, it is a Chang Cheh film, bloody and male oriented with a distinct tackle its feminine lead. It’s also an important outdated fashion Shaw Brothers wuxia viewing expertise with arresting visuals and attention-grabbing camerawork.



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