Anime Review: Odd Taxi (2021) by Baku Kinoshita

It appears the idea of anthropomorphism has began to turn out to be a development within the anime world, with quite a few titles of high quality, as within the case of “BNA” and “Beastars”. “Odd Taxi” strikes in the identical path, though in a a lot totally different animation fashion than the 2 aforementioned. 

Odokawa, the protagonist of the story, is  a 41-year previous walrus taxi driver whose mother and father deserted him in elementary college, leaving him usually asocial, in a manner although, that has him being reasonably frank to the purpose of nihillism in all his interactions, together with these together with his passengers. Nevertheless, he nonetheless has some associates who’re fairly loyal to him, as within the case of Gouriki, a gorilla physician who can also be Odokawa’s doctor, and Kakihana, a gibbon who works as a janitor and tries to select up ladies by means of a courting app. Moreover, Shirakawa, a younger alpaca who works as a nurse at Gouriki’s and practices capoeira, additionally appears to love him. Because the story begins, a highschool woman that appears to have rode in Odokawa’s taxi has gone lacking, Kakihana and Odokawa face totally different sorts of troubles, and the members of a feminine idol group named “Thriller Kiss” appears to be concerned in a manner. Lastly, Odokawa finds himself having to take care of the yakuza, corrupt cops, and petty criminals. 

The contextual excellence of the title unfolds in two ranges. The primary one is the principle story, and the best way it finally ends up together with quite a few characters, all of which have some reference to Odokawa, but additionally amongst them. The revelation of various mysteries and the best way the solutions supplied by the story give method to extra questions is really magnificent to look at, as a lot as the truth that all free ends are tied ultimately, together with one involving the protagonist, whose presence even is a complete shock. Moreover, the best way the film step by step turns into a criminal offense thriller can also be preferrred, with Baku Kinoshita managing to give you a title that carries from starting to finish simply by means of the intricacy of its story, however can also be humorous, absurd, good, and intelligently ironic. 

The second stage is the best way Kinoshita makes use of the script with the intention to current quite a few social and psychological feedback, primarily commenting on quite a few points of recent Japanese society. Present enterprise and the best way it features each concerning idol teams and manzai (comedic duos) is among the most central right here, with the title specializing in each the celebs themselves, but additionally the followers and the best way the interconnection of the 2 teams shapes and impacts all of them. Corruption, the idea of household and significantly the psychological penalties of its lack, friendship, humor and social relations are all commented upon, in a mode that’s each critical and humorous on the similar time. 

The character design by Hiromi Nakayama and Kinoshita himself follows one of many newest kinds, as applied in titles like “One Punch Man”, with the protagonists showcasing a simplicity that provides to the comedian impact, whereas instigating the viewer to concentrate on the narrative as an alternative of the visuals. The identical applies to the animation work by OLM and P.I.C.S, with the actions of the characters being naturalistic however not extravagant in any manner, though some motion scenes are fairly spectacular, as a lot as Shirakawa’s capoeira, which is all the time accompanied by a really becoming music rating, that makes the entire thing much more humorous. 

“Odd Taxi” is among the funniest and most clever titles we have now seen just lately, and positively top-of-the-line anime of 2021. 



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