Lee Dong Wook Rayakan 20 Tahun Berkarir dengan Gelar Fanmeeting

Hari ini (20/09/2019) King Kong by Starship mengumumkan tentang rencana fanmeeting yang akan di gelar oleh Lee Dong Wook dalam rangka merayakan 20 tahun debutnya. 

Fanmeeting akan diselenggarakan di Grand Peace Palace, Universitas Kyung Hee pada tanggal 2 November 2019. Dengan adanya fanmeeting ini, Lee Dong Wook berharap dapat memberikan kenangan yang berharga bagi penggemarnya yang selama ini selalu mendukungnya.

Melalui akun official Instagramnya, Lee Dong Wook juga mengupload poster untuk fanmeetingnya.

“twentieth debut anniversary.. For me, it’s nothing superb or particular. It’s simply that point has handed. However I needed to do one thing to repay you all. Thanks for staying by my aspect until now. With the assumption that you’ll keep by my aspect sooner or later, I deliberate this fan assembly. So? All of you must come! You already know, proper? My fan conferences? They’re actually enjoyable?! I’m planning it, creating the segments, creating the script, and arising with set concepts! This fan assembly is every thing I need to do! So let’s all collect collectively and have enjoyable”!

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[동욱 배우가 직접 쓴 글 입니다] 20주년… 저에겐 대단할 것도 특별할 것도 없다고 느낍니다. 그저 시간이 흘렀다고 생각됩니다. 하지만 여러분에게만은 꼭 보답하고 싶었습니다. 지금까지 제 곁을 지켜 주셔서 감사합니다. 또 계속 지켜 주실 거라 믿으며 팬미팅을 계획해봤습니다… 그러니 뭐다?? 다 놀러 와!!! 알지! 내 팬미팅? 정말 재밌는 거?! 내가 연출하고 코너 만들고 대본 만들고 세트 아이디어도 낸다!!! 모든 게 내 맘대로인 팬미팅! 모두 모여 신나게 놉시다!! – #이동욱 #LeeDongWook #李栋旭 #욱스타그램 #20주년 #국내팬미팅 #아임욱 #IAMWOOK #ToMyInside
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Judul fanmeeting kali ini adalah “I’M WOOK” dengan sub judul “To My Inside”. Lee Dong Wook ingin lebih dekat serta lebih terbuka dengan para penggemarnya melalui fanmeeting ini. 

Kita tunggu buat datang  ke Indonesia lagi ya oppa, Lee Dong Wook oppa hwaiting 🙂



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